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I've been showing you some cool stuff from The Jewish Museum, but now I'm gonna take a break and show you The Gang... After the divine food, coffee and music at the Turkish Market, we wandered the streets of Berlin in search of tea and beer. We were ultimately successful.

will bike
The awesome Will with his awesome bike basket
Nine and Scout scope the menu
Beer appears - delicious German beer mmm
Scout makes postcards out of everything in sightsign
I like this sticker. It says something like Sexist Crap or Sexist Fuckwits.random

I also dig this random graffiti

Inside The Silver Future
Scout, Federica & Nine form a boy band -- note Nine's disdain for you
The boy band in their "seductive" phase
The adorable Svenja and Valentin... Germans!
Nine looking hot...and then we carried her home.


4 Comment(s):
b said...
love the photos but where are you in them???! argh yah to gender variant boy bands hope that shit goes viral lol!!!
June 5, 2010 07:28:12
Nine said...
You're too kind! I am delighted to report that I held a dinner party at the weekend and cooked a whole bunch of tortillas and they were a hit. Thank you for teaching me! x
May 18, 2010 02:49:25
Rivka said...
Nine always looks hot... ;) Any success with tortilla de patatas?? another lesson maybe? :P muaks!!!
May 16, 2010 03:51:40
Bex said...
I like the boys band... if only all of them were this genuine!! myabe the world would be a better place... ups! Shooout!!! I missed S!!! Hi you!!! Im glad you are not the one I thougth and that S doesnt hate you! So happy you got to meet eachotehr!!! W and F are great!! But F should be banned from cooking b'fast...Next stop: Praha... beer is nice... :P
May 16, 2010 03:48:20
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