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Two nights ago, Zorras performed at the Freshers' Week event for Edinburgh University Feminists. EUF are the best! Self-described as "a friendly group of feminists who campaign on issues related to women's rights and breaking gender binaries," they certainly know how to throw a party. The space was great, the mocktails were delicious (I could swear there was rum in that mojito), and the games were hilarious (Throw the Ring Around the Papier Mache Penis, and Pin the Strange Assortments of Body Parts on the Body!). Also, there were crackin readings from the zine, Speak ("an anonymous compilation of sexual experiences"). If you're a student at EU, check them out -- all genders welcome! Next meeting at 1pm on 22 September in the Chaplaincy, and there's a social on the 23rd at 6pm in the Teviot Writing Room.

Speaking of feminists, I've been reading the latest issue of Canada's Open Letter journal, which focuses on women's feminist poetry in Canada. It's quite a tour de force, edited by Kate Eichhorn and Barbara Godard. More indepth thoughts on it soon... it's made me quite emotional in many ways, as it's the first time my work has been been taken seriously in a critical light... and more importantly, the first time this has happened for many writers who have written and/or published way more/longer than me.



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