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Quick Update: Been hellish with fibromyalgia, also enjoying some rare Scottish sunshine. Just turned Older again. Twas fun, but I'd love to skip it next year! I'll finally see a rheumotologist and get into a pain clinic in May. Meanwhile I'm in some physio class that's doing nothing. But I do love hanging with the old folks.

In other news, Feminist Freeschool at The Forest was spectacular! Zorras especially enjoyed the surprise performance (and great new hair) from Pockets, and the brave women who read from the Edinburgh University-based sex zine, Speak.

In still other news, I caught Slumdog Millionaire. It was okay...I liked the performances, and some of the visuals were stunning, but I just couldn't deal with the English. People are okay with subtitles these days, even Heroes and Lost have them. We can handle Hindi, really. Also, I dunno, it was a little too feel-good, romantic crap for me...I wasn't entirely sure what the point was. Dany Boyle has a habit of making difficult subjects seem a little too fun for me. Also, MIA's music rocked, but the other composer thought it would be cool to put some terrible Spanish lyrics and rhythms in the middle of an Indian song, like any "foreign" music is the same or something...

Also, I'm reading Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway. I always forget how good Woolf is. Then I pick up a book, and I think, Really?  Man, is she good.


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