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So I just emerged from my worst-ever fibro coma of pain (more on this in my next installment -- "I Don't Heart the NHS"), and read Virginie Despentes' newly-translated King Kong Theory. As soon as I finished reading, I started again, breathless with bliss. The book is a short collection of personal/political essays about women's (non-)rights. Despentes, for those of you who don't know her, is the author of the novel Baise-Moi (Rape Me), which she also co-directed for the screen (a brilliant piece about rape and its psychological impact that was of course banned because it dared to show women reacting to violence with violence, and because it was written and co-directed by sex workers). In King Kong Theory, Despentes discusses feminism, "masculinity" and "femininity", rape, sex work, pornography, how much it can suck to be a woman writer, capitalism and class. She is brilliant and uncompromising, she is the kind of feminism that changes the world. Je t'aime Virginie Despentes...


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