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What a great thing Tam Dean Burn has going on in Glasgow, with Malcolm the fantastic sound guy, and Sonic Sinema who screen awesome visuals throughout the night. Check out Manifesto Politikal Kabaret at the Tron Theatre if you get a chance. Really dug Sparrahawk and Glasgow Glam Bangers. I also loved the photocollage piece The Thin Green Line Or: How I Tried to Stop Worrying and Love Neoliberalism. Thanks to the Glasgow contingent for coming out, especially my fam who made the journey from Drumchapel. 


In other news, here are some things I've been reading and digging:

1. Lock Up Your Daughters: This is Glasgow's fantastic queer zine. The latest issue has loads of great interviews and reviews.

2. A lovely German I met sent me a copy of Die Krone & Ich: Drag King-Magazin. It's mostly in German, but there was a wonderful interview in English with Susan Stryker, where she compared transsexual identity to immigrant identity.

3. A sweetie from Ottawa named Sean Zio has published a lovely chapbook of his young adult story, Skin Ego, about a teenager and his struggles with "seen and felt identity."

4. In Toronto, John Barlow gave me a gorgeous chapbook that Rose DeShaw produced... it's poems made out of Barlow's emails. There's some hilarious and smart stuff. Here's a choice tidbit from "Poetry's Reputation":

Fear not for poetry's reputation.
Poetry's reputation is terrible.
We really can't trouble at this point.
Poetry's been more effectively
than communism or the
universality of unions.

5. Did I say yet that ryli skelton launched a new poetry chapbook in Toronto? It's called The Cusp of Chaos, and you can get it at This Ain't the Rosedale Library in Toronto or Word Power Books in Edinburgh. Skelton is one of my favourite writers and people, please check him out.

And speaking of skelton, the next post will feature pics and more from his great night in Toronto, The Secret Ingredient, as well as youtube footage of the fantastic Pockets, who we bumped into on the always entertaining last train from Glasgow...



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