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Of course I left my longjohns at my folks' house and then the temperature dropped and it starting snowing! Argh.

I'm reading at 8pm tonight at Pivot at The Press Club on the north side of Dundas just west of Bathurst.Free! Hope to see you there. Please bring wool clothes and brandy.

In other news, This Ain't the Rosedale Library's new home on Nassau Street in Kensington Market is drop-dead gorgeous. If you haven't visited, do! And it's not just pretty, the books are delicious.

This Ain't

Speaking of delicious books, I just started reading Toronto playwright Claudia Dey's first novel, Stunt (Coach House). Wow. The way Dey uses language makes me so excited I might pee. What a writer. Please check her out.

Here's Charlie and Jessie hard at work:

Chas and Jess

In not so happy news, the endless condominium blight at the Lakeshore made my eyes bleed, and I was sad to see so many new chain stores on Queen (The Brick for gawd's sake?) and College. Also, why on earth did the AGO spend millions on this montrosity?





Here' s me and R. selling books at Canzine last Sunday. Long live indie culture! Thanks to those kind folks who bought my books. Also I traded a book for two chapbooks by the supertalented Tomori Nagamoto -- Bittersweet Hotel #101 and #501. Each chapbook consists of images and words depicting a different guest at the hotel. Nagamoto's drawings are stunning, and the text is bittersweetly  wondrous and sometimes superbly funny.


Art from Kensington and Dundas West:

toronto art 2


toronto art

And something must be said about Toronto's amazing food. Doubles, empanadas, Pho Hung's soup, John's Classic pizza, veggie dogs & burgers, oh how did I survive without you?

Warm kisses from the great white north,




3 Comment(s):
Alvin Charles said...
Just emailed you at email on the card you gave me. Ciao
November 1, 2008 03:35:49
Sandra said...
Thanks Alvin, for the kind words, and for coming to the reading without knowing what to expect. Of course I remember you! It was a pleasure talking with you. What's your email? xo
October 31, 2008 12:27:59
Alvin Charles said...
Sandra, Don’t know if you remember me from last night, black dude at the bar, no talent poet ;-). Just wanted say I’m enjoying Blissful Times especially the Rain Dialogues. At the reading I especially enjoyed the 2nd last piece about your grandmother. Here’s some of my reflections right after you spoke, that I jotted into my iphone: Sandra Alland is a gift of confederation. The product of French & Scottish Canada, she is honest in her curiosity and caring about her world. We should all aspire to breathe that air that is a color yet unseen. Each writing she shares is the brave controlled release of insanity, inspired by a reality, every poet tries to harness. If you’re ever around Toronto & up for wasting some time over coffee give me a shout . Peace, Alvin Charles
October 30, 2008 09:42:28
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