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Sandra Alland Open Studio, with members of the b)other collective
Thursday 5 November
Trongate 103 Visting Artist Studio
(located at 103 Trongate, Glasgow)
3-5pm and 6-9pm

(see previous post for more info)

In other news, Matthew Jebb has started a new radio show on Edinburgh's Fresh Air. Listen at 11pm here. Zorras song-poem thingamobobbies will be played!


Posted By Sandra Alland

Tomorrow Zorras play the Aye Write! Festival in Glasgow, as part of the program Forest Stories. 9pm, Mitchell Library, £6/7. More info at

Also coming up this week, we're on the radio in Canadialand: Take Back Our Radio! International Women’s Day 5 hr. National Radio Broadcast Action, March 11th5 to 10 pm (Eastern) Listen Live! Zorras will be on Ventana del Barrio at 8:15pm (1:15am in Scotland) with magnificent host Susy Alvarez! Please support this show, as it is part of a campaign in support of taking back the airwaves at CKLN for the activist and indie communities.



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Just a quick note to say the gang at Suck My Left One (on Glasgow's Subcity) rocks the universe! Zorras had a great time on the radio last night.. made me nostalgic for the days when CKLN in Toronto was still a community radio station... thanks to Kate and Liv for being so lovely, and also for giving me that Sister Spit cd! Listen to the show (which is called Lesborific, and I guess I don't entirely qualify for oops...) at

In other news, I'm on four different waiting lists for doctors, and will probably wait for at least three months to see one. But I had my first appointment yesterday (because that waiting list was started months ago)... it was physio and I was psyched. And guess what? The guy called in sick! And can't see me for a few more weeks... Yay, NHS. Sigh.





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