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Tonight in Toronto is the launch of Crisis Book: An Anthology Thing (press press press). Get directions and info on this awesome new book here. Y Josephine and I both have new poetry in Crisis Book, and Zorras will be present for the launch via video. Also featuring bill bissett and many others you will dig. If you're in the UK we can get a copy to you without pricey international shipping costs. Just email us (

Zorras are playing with Manchester's Ste McCabe and Atlanta's Stella Zine on Saturday at 7:30pm at Edinburgh's A.C.E. Entry by donation, BYOB, accessible. And spooky! Come by before running off to your Hallowe'en parties...

In other news, Toronto elected an asshole for mayor again; this one is called Rob Ford. I read a fascinating blog post by Hans Rollman on Facebook, about how the biggest problems with Toronto's voting system are racism and the resulting disenfranchisment of residents. A large portion of Toronto's residents cannot vote because they're not citizens. Here's a great quote:

"But wouldn’t it be ridiculous to just give non-citizens the vote? Well actually no. Until World War II, half the US states extended voting rights to non-citizen residents; it was the combined effects of the Civil War and then the Cold War that fueled the wave of anti-immigrant hysteria which led to more restrictive voting laws in that country. Today, however, more and more countries are realizing how outdated and backward it is not to allow all residents an equal vote. Belgium, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, and dozens of other countries have opened up municipal elections to non-citizen residents. A growing number of other countries – including Chile, Portugal, Sweden, Uruguay and New Zealand – allow non-citizen residents to vote in national and regional elections too. If Toronto is indeed the world’s most multicultural city, it’s time for it to stop being at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to public policy and basic rights for its multicultural population."

As Emma Goldman used to say, "If voting changed anything they'd make it illegal."

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I just woke up from a weird dream where George and Barbara Bush were trying to score a photo op with me and some friends... no one would shake their hands, then I made some crazy speech that ended with "You are an asshole, Ms. Bush, and your family's days are numbered." Ha.

I wasn't really interested in the U.S. elections. I'm not so into government in general, I have a problem with Canada's obsession with US politics, and well... I have no faith in the Democrats or in Obama leaving Iraq. And yet... Obama certainly is a waaaaaaaaaaay better alternative, and perhaps more importantly, an amazing symbol of hope. And symbols are powerful, wonderful things.

Now I'm gonna go back to watching The Jeffersons... Canada has the best reruns.

I'm reading tonight one last time, details below (in yesterday's post).


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"To disagree with 3/4 of the (British) public is one of the first requisites of sanity."

-Oscar Wilde

"If voting changed anything they'd make it illegal."

-Emma Goldman

Well, that about sums it up. Vote for Fascist A or Fascist B. New Labour is as dire as the Conservatives. They're all interested in bailing out the banks and dumping more bombs on Iraq. I'm not voting for any of them.

In better news, a new tapas bar has opened just off Nicolson Street, at 6-8 Howden Street. It's called El Bar, and the tapas (and staff) are delicious! The atmosphere is lovely, and the music divine -- perfect for chilling out, or a small party. You also get a free mini-tapas (pintxos) with every drink purchased! And right next door is Alba Flamenca, where you can take flamenco classes. Open from 5pm daily (except Sundays). I recommend the tortilla and the garlic chicken. Yum.






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