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Cachín Cachán Cachunga! just keeps getting better and better! Last night both Stuart Crawfrod and Pat Cunningham had their debut performances, and both were stellar! Crawford's inspired Nick Cave-esque singing was accompanied by his excellent and creepy photos. Cunningham's poetry was accompanied by gorgeous drawings by Rabiya Choudhry. We were also treated to a new film by Anna Urbanowska and dance by Lily. Zorras performed two new poem/song-like entities, and people seemed to dig them. Yay for Cachín! More queer and trans poetry, music, dance, video and photography next month. Info here.

In other news, here's a Guardian article about the censorship of queer art at GoMA (and elsewhere...)


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Another indie bookstore gone, and in Toronto where there was the most hope... read about it here and here.


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So Michael Jackson died. There's of course more news coverage on the death of a pop star than on the stepped-up wars in Afghanistan, or the new reports of torture in secret U.S. prisons (and the Brits who lent a helping hand). Nonetheless it is one of those... historic moments? When I was ten, I wanted to *be* Michael Jackson. There's that, too. In the end I never knew what to think of the man, except that he was talented and knew how to move people...

But Farrah Fawcett died yesterday too... and Charlie's Angels were pretty damn cool. I also wanted to be her when I was 10. Bad timing, Farrah. I'm afraid no one's gonna notice now... there's too much cash to be made off of Michael.

In better news, Y was on fire last night. Zorras played to a small but delicious crowd at the lovely lovely Bowery. Thanks to Jane for the gig! Hailey Beavis was great too, she's quite a composer and plays guitar superwell. And I super super dug The Debutante Hour, a trio of women who are hilarious and fun and gooooooooooooood. Some of the best lyrics I've heard in ages! Too bad you can't see them, cuz they're off to Poland, but check them out if you can. Y joined them onstage for a couple of songs, one of which was a Ukrainian song that brought the house down!

In still other news, I saw on the news the other day that Prince Charles spent 3 million pounds of taxpayers' money on travel last year! I've never been a fan of the royal family, yet I'm more infuriated than usual. And that's just *one* of a huge family of idiots. But instead of doing away with the royals (I mean, really, don't they have enough of their own money??!), the government does things like focusing on the tiny number of people committing "benefit fraud." They encourage people to spy on their neighbours and report those living in poverty who may have "stolen" 200 pounds, when the real thieves are the banks (that have been bailed out with our money), the car companies (also bailed out with our money), and here in the UK -- the royal family. Millions of pounds for non-essential travel is never justifiable, and even less so in these times.

Lastly, check out the new shows as part of Sh[OUT] at the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art. Anthony Schrag collaborated with LGBTI faith communities (including Al Jannah, Metropolitan Community Church and Quest), and David Sherry worked with The Scottish Transgender Alliance.

And speaking of the queers, tomorrow is Pride Scotia. The parade kicks off at 1pm on The Royal Mile.


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Thanks to everyone who came to visit me at the Meadows Festival today, and to B and M for sharing their stall with me. Here are some pics... B presented the "smallest theatre ever" and it was crackin. If only all actors were so cooperative...










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Last night's Cachín Cachán Cachunga was superstellarfantastico! Loads of people came, despite the rare summery weather. Gorgeous reading from Sophie Mayer, and crackin films from Evi Tsiligaridou and Karen Miranda Augustine. And Lily and Alejandro danced the roof off! Zorras ended up doing an extra late-night, totally unplugged set, which was really fun. And we sold all the Maricones we brought! (Contact me if you want one cuz there are only 50.) Thanks to everyone for coming out.

soph evi

Sophie Mayer                                                        Rab & Evi & Isi!


Lily & Alejandro

Zorras Unplugged

In other news, I also dig this beatboxer, Lasse


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Tonight is the last Cachín Cachán Cachunga for a while, and should be a good one! Zorras are playing, and also launching Issue 2 of their zine-like-entity, Maricon. Hand-painted by Y. Josephine, and featuring poetry by Josephine and me. Only 50 in existence! 






Also featuring poetry, dance and film art by Karen Miranda Augustine, Sophie Mayer, Evi Tsiligaridou, and Lily. The Street, 2 Picardy Place, 8:30pm. Only 2 pounds!


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Well, it's still touch and go as to whether there will be a summer in Edinburgh this year... last night was freezing again, but today seems promising...

In other news, I must whinge a bit more about the shoddiness of the National Health Service, particularly the Department of Rheumatology at the Western Hospital -- who booked me for an appointment in May (after a 3-month wait) and then sent me a letter saying I had missed an appointment in April (that I never had) and therefore was kicked off the waiting list and had to be referred all over again. When I phoned they admitted their mistake, but refused to give me another appointment and insisted I must go back to my doctor and start again anyway. Sometimes I really wonder about Scotland... especially this strange business of communicating only by letters (which almost always contain incorrect data). The phone was invented quite a while ago friends...

In continuing NHS rage, one of my many shoddy doctors (avoid the Toll Cross Health Clinic) recently told me he is qualified to give acupuncture under the NHS. How cool is that? (I thought.) But when I arrived he informed me the acupuncture had to take place in 5 minutes (impossible) and then proceeded to just shove needles into "where it hurts the most." My ankles were bleeding, and remained swollen and bruised for three days. Plus, the guy was supposed to write me a prescription during my visit, but had me leave the room and come back so he could double-bill for two visits! Sneaky. And freaky.

In better news, I saw a lovely show that's on into June at The Owl and Lion Gallery in Grassmarket. It's called Story Motel, and features over 50 hand-made artists' books. There is some stellar stuff there, and most of it you can read on the spot if you want. Though there are plenty you'll want to buy!

Also caught the cracking Raise Your Hem at the fabulous Itsy Kabarett on Friday at Voodoo Rooms. Despite one homophobic comic (I started to heckle him but he was bombing so well on his own I just let it happen...), it was a lovely night, with loads of steamy burlesque. The Itsy folk just keep doing it better and better.

What more? Oh yes, Y and I got treated to L'empreinte de l'ange (The Mark of an Angel) at The Filmhouse yesterday. Safy Nebbou's film about the true story of a woman who becomes convinced someone else's daughter is her dead child is surprisingly good (I say this because at the beginning it seems like a stereotypical psycho flick). Catherine Frot is stellar as the lead, and kudos to Nebbou for creating a taut thriller without falling into tired old traps.

In still other news, Zorras have finished recording our first CD, thanks to the lovely and talented Andy Duncan! More on that soon. Today we are off with the dashing and talented E, to take some foppish pics.


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Go to to see a video medley of Zorras at the April Cachín Cachán Cachunga at The Street in Edinburgh. Many thanks to the amazing Evi Tsiligaridou, who will be showing her fantastic film Viktor and The Wolf at the May 31st Cachín Cachán Cachunga.


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Zorras got reviewed! Glasgow’s Lock Up Your Daughters magazine says of our January Forest gig: “The place is rammed...and the show does not disappoint. Reminiscent of Miranda July and complemented by a deadpan delivery, Alland's words are at once both drolly funny and sweetly strange...Y. Josephine's vocals and percussion really shine and embody the set with the kind of soul spoken word frequently lacks.” Sigh, someone I don’t know compared me to Miranda July. I can die now.

The multimedia queer event, Cachín Cachán Cachunga, went great at The Street on Sunday… some highlights were Teodora Vlad’s documentary about being queer in Romania, and songbird Steven Smith playing with his band The Stigs. I screened my video Slippery for the first time, too, which was great because I wasn’t the only one who thought it was funny…. On 31 May, Zorras launch issue two of their zine Maricón, and the usual Cachín team will be joined by Canadian visual artist Karen Miranda Augustine, Greek filmmaker Evi Tsiligaridou, and London poet Sophie Mayer.

In other news, yesterday I caught the exhibition that's part of a 6-month-long LGBTI programme at the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art. GoMA has a yearly social justice project, Sh[OUT], featuring shows, artist talks, residencies, publications & loads of stellar community outreach. The current show, which is just the beginning of this year's project, has works by Nan Goldin, Della Grace Volcano, Robert Mapplethorpe and many others (including locals). My favourite part was Our Vivid Stories, a cracking collection of digital shorts made by LGBTI youth in Glasgow. Free!

Some media have criticized the show’s “pornographic” content and “the wasting of tax-payers money” (reminiscent of negative publicity of Canada’s Banff Centre gay show in the 80s), which shows homophobia is alive and well in Scotland (also saw comments in the visitor’s area like, “Where is the straight show? Why do you have to throw it in our face?” and “Why ruin such a beautiful building with such crap?”). But the show is excellent (and could even use some pornographic content, in my opinion!), and the majority of feedback from the public (including many young visitors) is overwhelmingly positive. Yay GoMA! This is the biggest public project on queer, intersex and trans issues, ever in Scotland!


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Tomorrow night, Forest Publications launches my first short story collection, Here's To Wang. Starts 8:30, I'm on around 9:30. Zorras will do a few pieces too. It's free & you can bring your own booze to The Forest. My book is £2!

The next Cachín Cachán Cachunga is Sunday 26 April at 9pm at The Street (2 Picardy Pl). Featuring Zorras, Teodora Vlad, Steven Smith, and Lily. Entry by donation--you'll get to see films, music, poetry-music fusion weirdness, dance and performance poetry!

Also, Edinburgh is more queer-friendly than you might think!






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