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Berlin is awesome because it's home to my dear friend, Number Nine. It's also awesome because it brought the lovely Rebeca Pla all the way from Prague in a crazy journey of almost-futility (more info later).

In Berlin, the architecture is generally horrible, as in it might hurt my soul to live among such ugly buildings. But this is understandable considering the times at which the city was rebuilt. I won't show you pictures as it might hurt your eyes.

On the plus side, Berlin has many trees and green things. From the plane I was shocked to see forests, a phenomenon I had quite forgotten about since moving to Scotland. I like forests.

(a band in the Turkish market with evidence of green things behind them)

Berlin is much cheaper than Dublin. I like cheaper than Dublin.

You can still smoke in bars in Berlin. I'm not sure if I like this, but it gave me a strange and beautiful nostalgic kind of feeling... Berlin has the single best queer and trans bar I've seen outside of Goodhandy's in Toronto. It's called The Silver Future and the door says it all (it says it better in German but if you don't read German I'm sure you'll get it anyway).

silver 2

silver 1

And they really *will* throw out terrible people, trust me, I'm a magnet ;-)
Near Berlin's Checkpoint Charlie, which makes the United States out to be everyone's saviour, they sell small pieces of the wall in plastic globes for 25 Euro. Ick, Berlin, this is nasty behaviour.
Plus, I can name at least two walls currently in use, one of them built by Americans...

(only a medium-ugly building)

Berlin has a great Jewish Museum, where I ended up because of a person from Edinburgh who I ironically got to know in Berlin even though we should've known each other in Edinburgh but didn't, and she said, "Let's go to this Jewish comics exhibit" and I said "Okay!"

My crappy blog doesn't allow me to talk for  longer so I'll have to talk about The Jewish Museum in the next gawd, I haven't even gotten to the Frida Kahlo Retrospective! This could take years.




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