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Happy new year!

My dear friend M recently told me that visual artist and actor ed fielding passed away. This is the last I saw of ed; he was briefly a co-parent of my also dearly departed hedgehog, Looloolooloo, when I moved to Scotland. Perhaps they are hanging together in the afterlife...

ed and lulu

I remember dancing with ed at Theatre Passe Muraille, and he was weird and wonderful to work with in a play I co-wrote and took to the New York Fringe in 2002. I dug up a few old reviews of the show, because of course ed always got a mention! Here's a spot-on summary of him: "Another highlight is a surreal moment captured by the enigmatic, Fellini-like persona of ed fielding (spelled in lower case). He plays the Waiter who lip synchs to a pre-recorded message on a hand-size tape player the synopsis of the story we are about to see. His long, wiry body; his deep, luring, monotone voice; and his frizzled eyebrows sprouting from his narrow head add a sense of intrigue and wonderment to his speech." ( More reviews here.

Rest in peace, ed. For those of you on Facebook, you can visit a page for ed here.

In other losses, Edinburgh lost one of its last indie DVD rental shops, quietly and suddenly, just before the holidays. It seems the amazing Euro Films has closed its doors. Obtaining foreign and independent films just got even more difficult...





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