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"And if you can't trust your friends? What then? What then..."

The opening and closing lines of Danny Boyle's crackin Shallow Grave. Just watched it again for the first time since 1994. It's still great stuff, a wonderful thriller (set in creepy Edinburgh). But I also got new things out of it, and saw it as an intense metaphor for betrayal in general. The things that happen are so over-the-top, but give such startling imagery for what it's like to be "stabbed in the back" by a loved one (in this case stabbed in the front, and then the knive gets twisted deeper haha) that I couldn't help but think the whole story was a creative way of illustrating a more "normal" (and non-filmic) betrayal. Whatever the case, it's grand. And scary and sad.

Other grand things: Rabiya Choudhry's part in Diaspora at the Edinburgh Playhouse. Choudhry is a fantastic local artist who explored her mixed heritage (Scottish and Pakistani) and how it has impacted her art and her life. The work was deeply personal, and deeply moving. The world needs more Rab. Catch an interview with her about the project here.

And EVERYONE at last night's Cachin Cachan Cachunga was grand! Seriously, Carolyn Anona Scott sang like an angel, Ariadna Battich's film brought a tear to more than a few eyes, Kristi Taylor's reading was hilarious and her artwork stunning, and Lily danced the most powerful piece I've seen her do yet. Thanks to Anna, Jesus (not the lord and saviour one the Grassmarket one), Rebeca Pla and The Street for all the help! Next month is Rabiya Choudhry, Pat Cunningham, Gein Wong and of course Lily and Zorras. 7:30 on 15 September at The Street.





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