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Today at the library the librarians are having a transphobic conversation about a trans guy they know, mocking him and calling him by the wrong pronoun. Just filed a complaint, but doubt much will come of it... sigh. Also I am sat (Northern English expression for "I am sitting") next to a guy who reeks of alcohol. Yum.

What more? Ah, the evil FB allowed us back into to FB when we gave them our "real" name. Ahem. But the magic, if there ever was any, is gone. They are Wankers and we're tired of their spying, controlling crap.

Merry Merry Happy Happy and all that jazz. No other news right now, except for the awesome news that Zorras have tshirts designed by the amazingly talented Edward Ross! Get them here:



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Hello friends,

I'm blogging from the library, thanks to lack of funds coupled with the mysterious disappearance of my mysterious free internet. The library is depressing: it is filled with terrible romance novels and some Steven King. I managed to find only three passable books, and I'm not exaggerating.

1. Amulet by Roberto Bolano, which was quite good. I would like to read it in Spanish, but well, I just told you where I am. Anyway, Bolano writes beautifully, and with an unnerving humour. I dig him.

2. The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, which was quite terrible (honestly, in Tipping the Velvet her use of the word "queer" to mean strange was okay and even ironic & cute but in all her subsequent and straighter books she not only continues to overuse the word but it has started to outright annoy me so that I curse every time it appears which is once every page or so!). But more than that, it was just like, Why did you choose to write this book? And why did you take so long to tell me nothing? Plus, really, wah wah wah, some rich English family is losing their estate and have fallen to the point where they have only one maid, and also they have a poltergeist. My heart breaks. Etc. Finally, what a TERRIBLE title, no?

3. Alice Munro, I forget the title but am liking it so far. She is an excellent writer.

One more mini-rant, though: both Waters and Munro use the words "cripple" and "invalid" as if they're acceptable. And Munro actually used cripple as a metaphor, coupled with another nasty blind metaphor, in the same sentence. Ick. Who edits this stuff? Besides being offensive, the metaphors are just so overused...

In other news, Zorras have been unceremoniously deleted from Facebook for using a "fake name". You would not believe the list of rules sent to us about names. It is absurd and we may publish it here for you to marvel over if we can be assed. We are not really that interested in getting back in the the facefuk, to be honest. They are Control Freaks, like a bad boygirlfriend or something.

Zorras played Pussy Whipped in Manchester on Saturday. It was grand! Thanks for having us, lovely Ste McCabe! And also it was great to celebrate the birthday of the Number Nine, our lovely friend who pops in and out of our lives (and of countries) faster than you can count to... well, Nine.

Okay I have secretly found a way to have more than one session at this library but they will soon become suspicious and kick me out so I must run. (You can only have one hour even though I'm the only person here except for the teenager who comes in to search Cougar sites).

More exciting library news coming your way soon. I will see if I can force them to order a poetry book or two, but I'm not going to hold my breath.


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Tonight in Toronto is the launch of Crisis Book: An Anthology Thing (press press press). Get directions and info on this awesome new book here. Y Josephine and I both have new poetry in Crisis Book, and Zorras will be present for the launch via video. Also featuring bill bissett and many others you will dig. If you're in the UK we can get a copy to you without pricey international shipping costs. Just email us (

Zorras are playing with Manchester's Ste McCabe and Atlanta's Stella Zine on Saturday at 7:30pm at Edinburgh's A.C.E. Entry by donation, BYOB, accessible. And spooky! Come by before running off to your Hallowe'en parties...

In other news, Toronto elected an asshole for mayor again; this one is called Rob Ford. I read a fascinating blog post by Hans Rollman on Facebook, about how the biggest problems with Toronto's voting system are racism and the resulting disenfranchisment of residents. A large portion of Toronto's residents cannot vote because they're not citizens. Here's a great quote:

"But wouldn’t it be ridiculous to just give non-citizens the vote? Well actually no. Until World War II, half the US states extended voting rights to non-citizen residents; it was the combined effects of the Civil War and then the Cold War that fueled the wave of anti-immigrant hysteria which led to more restrictive voting laws in that country. Today, however, more and more countries are realizing how outdated and backward it is not to allow all residents an equal vote. Belgium, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, and dozens of other countries have opened up municipal elections to non-citizen residents. A growing number of other countries – including Chile, Portugal, Sweden, Uruguay and New Zealand – allow non-citizen residents to vote in national and regional elections too. If Toronto is indeed the world’s most multicultural city, it’s time for it to stop being at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to public policy and basic rights for its multicultural population."

As Emma Goldman used to say, "If voting changed anything they'd make it illegal."

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Tomorrow night is the last instalment of Cachín Cachán Cachunga! for a while... Zorras will be presenting a new film and two new poetry-music performance entities. Also featuring the fabulous Miss Leggy Pee, K Anderson, Evan Greer and Lily. More info here. We're sad we might be saying good-bye to our beloved Cachín, but the times they are a-changin'... please join us for the party!

In other news, I wanted to say some nice things about Nick-E Melville and rodney relax's Throat Cuts Not Bonus Cuts at the Roxy on 7 October. These two poets are among Edinburgh's most interesting (and consequently, most ignored). They both gave fab readings, as did guest Jim Ferguson (one of Glasgow's best and most ignored poets). Performances by Wounded Knee (who creates amazing layered sound pieces) and Shellsuit Massacre (the high-energy poetry-music-video duo of Melville and relax) were also stellar. The night was lacking in women (it was just us Zorras) but overall was one of the best poetry-based events I've been to in ages.... down to the posters on the walls by amazing (and less-ignored) Scottish poet Tom Leonard, and other visual contributions from the newly-formed and intriguing Zoo Station. It was inspiring to see so many artists who are engaged politically and *also* making fascinating and challenging art.

Coming soon... Things I Can't Stand About Most Poetry Readings and Journals, or How Not To Treat Artists.


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Many thanks to The Wine Monkey and A. Valliard for all their help... Watch the newest Zorras' video here.


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Our little queer and trans multimedia event, Cachín Cachán Cachunga!, is featured in the current issue of Scotland's The List. Check it out here.

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Here is our new After Going Out: Oil Spill Remix video.

And on Tuesday we play Bar Wotever at Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London at 8pm, it's free. See you there! xo

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Wherein I babble without notes but tell you about a few things.. including Diane Arbus at Edinburgh's Dean Gallery, ending soon! And Zorras in London and the Pride version of Cachin Cachan Cachunga! Sometimes you can "click to play", sometimes you have to click on "download this"... many thanks to the beautiful C for hooking me up.

Click here to

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Tomorrow night Zorras play The Wailing Banshee at Banshee Labyrinth, 29-35 Niddry Street, 9:30 doors. Free!


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Hi there,

I'm too tired to write to you about my travels in Dublin and Berlin, but I'll do it soon I swear. In the meantime, for those of you who live in Edinburgh, Saughton Skate Park is now open and it is awesome. Sadly it is full of boys and men -- I have yet to see a single girl or woman skateboarding, rollerblading or cycling. Hopefully this unhealthy imbalance will end soon... I am currently too exhausted to go take pictures, but here is a link that at least shows you a wee bit...

In other news, Queer Mutiny is tonight at The Forest Cafe, upstairs. Starts at 9pm and it's free and there's also free food. BYOB. Zorras are playing!




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