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The Berlin Wall

Humans are awesome, no? We've got unarmed peace activists being robbed and murdered by the Israeli army in international waters, a giant oil spill that just keeps getting bigger in the Gulf of Mexico, major censorship at Toronto's Gay Pride, and massive repressive police forces about to beat the shit out of peace activists at the G20. Can this year get much better?
The Holocaust Monument, me, my cane
In happier news, if you're in Berlin you can still see Frida Kahlo. Some more of my blurry illegal pics:


Above is Frida's first ever painting. I love seeing artists' early work, it reminds me we all have to start somewhere... and often with themes we'll completely abandon later.


I don't have much else to say about Berlin, except that I'd like to go back. Also, they have a great auction of bikes forgotten on trains throughout the city. It may not be the best place to get a good bike, but it's certainly *the* location for free entertainment. The oohs and aws of the crowd were hilarious, and even though I don't understand German I nearly peed laughing when people collectively mocked the crappiest bikes. Thanks again to Number Nine for a lovely trip, to Scout for traipsing about with me & to Bex for "highjacking" all the way from Prague with cheap beer (you mentalist).





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