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Zorras are in the current issue of Diva (The Fat Issue, yay!) in the Queer Tribe section.

In other news, we went to the opening of Dani Marti's show last night on Parnie Street in Glasgow. The Glasgay! gang have put on a fabulous show, despite not being able to do the planned show at GoMA. I was really moved by many of the films, which are primarily of men lying in bed talking about intimate subjects. I really cannot believe these films were cancelled at GoMA, and that one of the main "reasons" given was that one man talks about doing drugs. These are beautiful, important films about HIV+ gay men. They are a celebration of life, and of the bravery of these men to speak openly about difficult subjects in Scotland.

Protests against the removal of Dani's work continue, piles of red scouring pads (hand-made by African women in support of HIV+ people in Africa) are being left as reminders around Glasgow. 





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