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"To disagree with 3/4 of the (British) public is one of the first requisites of sanity."

-Oscar Wilde

"If voting changed anything they'd make it illegal."

-Emma Goldman

Well, that about sums it up. Vote for Fascist A or Fascist B. New Labour is as dire as the Conservatives. They're all interested in bailing out the banks and dumping more bombs on Iraq. I'm not voting for any of them.

In better news, a new tapas bar has opened just off Nicolson Street, at 6-8 Howden Street. It's called El Bar, and the tapas (and staff) are delicious! The atmosphere is lovely, and the music divine -- perfect for chilling out, or a small party. You also get a free mini-tapas (pintxos) with every drink purchased! And right next door is Alba Flamenca, where you can take flamenco classes. Open from 5pm daily (except Sundays). I recommend the tortilla and the garlic chicken. Yum.






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