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Hi there! I've moved my blog over to tumblr, as this crappy doteasy one has a finite amount of space for photos and such, and the finite amount is really really small. Also, it doesn't work properly on a mac. You suck, doteasy. Go here!
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Hello there! Ah cannae believe it's been FOUR MONTHS since I wrote something here. Terrible terrible terrible. I have much to tell you, but never the time, as I'm currently limited to the library at one hour per day. Sigh.

In the meantime, Zorras have joined the evil twitter. @zorrasband. At least we update that once in a while!

You can also find upcoming stuff and news here.

I have delicious new CDs in my hands, from Ste McCabe, Scragfight, Johnny 5th Wheel, Samba Sene and more! Plus cool stuff from TL Cowan, Mark Mace Smith and Sarah Pinder. And I want to tell you about all of it, damn! Maybe next week...


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Zorras play The Arches in Glasgow tomorrow, as part of Scratch. Come check it out! 7:30pm, only 2 quid!

In other news, it was grand to see that Stills Gallery decided to present the work that GoMA was too wimpy to present a year and a half ago. So far the world has not fallen apart from the shock, and also many people have been able to see Dani Marti's important and engaging films about HIV-positive gay men in Scotland.

In still other news, the library took my complaint about the transphobic librarians seriously, which was quite surprising and refreshing. They even *phoned* me. So that was a nice little moment, which was quickly erased the next day when yet another drunk asshole verbally assaulted Zorras, and was about to attack us, but then suddently revealed that he had "realised we weren't men" and left us alone with a "fuckin lesbos". Apparently we have him to thank for our existence because he was "in Afghanistan". Yeah. Some days I'm not sure why I leave the flat...

Shouldn't leave things on such a blech note.... so I'll tell you that Neu! Reekie!, a new night of poetry, film and music at Scottish Books Trust, was just grand. Zorras had a blast, and congratulate Michael Pederson and Kevin Williamson on bringing together such a strangely sublime combo of work. There was a smorgasbord of fascinating international and local films; we especially enjoyed those of Sacha Kahir.

Okay, play safe kids. It's a messy world out there.



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Today at the library the librarians are having a transphobic conversation about a trans guy they know, mocking him and calling him by the wrong pronoun. Just filed a complaint, but doubt much will come of it... sigh. Also I am sat (Northern English expression for "I am sitting") next to a guy who reeks of alcohol. Yum.

What more? Ah, the evil FB allowed us back into to FB when we gave them our "real" name. Ahem. But the magic, if there ever was any, is gone. They are Wankers and we're tired of their spying, controlling crap.

Merry Merry Happy Happy and all that jazz. No other news right now, except for the awesome news that Zorras have tshirts designed by the amazingly talented Edward Ross! Get them here:



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Hello friends,

I'm blogging from the library, thanks to lack of funds coupled with the mysterious disappearance of my mysterious free internet. The library is depressing: it is filled with terrible romance novels and some Steven King. I managed to find only three passable books, and I'm not exaggerating.

1. Amulet by Roberto Bolano, which was quite good. I would like to read it in Spanish, but well, I just told you where I am. Anyway, Bolano writes beautifully, and with an unnerving humour. I dig him.

2. The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, which was quite terrible (honestly, in Tipping the Velvet her use of the word "queer" to mean strange was okay and even ironic & cute but in all her subsequent and straighter books she not only continues to overuse the word but it has started to outright annoy me so that I curse every time it appears which is once every page or so!). But more than that, it was just like, Why did you choose to write this book? And why did you take so long to tell me nothing? Plus, really, wah wah wah, some rich English family is losing their estate and have fallen to the point where they have only one maid, and also they have a poltergeist. My heart breaks. Etc. Finally, what a TERRIBLE title, no?

3. Alice Munro, I forget the title but am liking it so far. She is an excellent writer.

One more mini-rant, though: both Waters and Munro use the words "cripple" and "invalid" as if they're acceptable. And Munro actually used cripple as a metaphor, coupled with another nasty blind metaphor, in the same sentence. Ick. Who edits this stuff? Besides being offensive, the metaphors are just so overused...

In other news, Zorras have been unceremoniously deleted from Facebook for using a "fake name". You would not believe the list of rules sent to us about names. It is absurd and we may publish it here for you to marvel over if we can be assed. We are not really that interested in getting back in the the facefuk, to be honest. They are Control Freaks, like a bad boygirlfriend or something.

Zorras played Pussy Whipped in Manchester on Saturday. It was grand! Thanks for having us, lovely Ste McCabe! And also it was great to celebrate the birthday of the Number Nine, our lovely friend who pops in and out of our lives (and of countries) faster than you can count to... well, Nine.

Okay I have secretly found a way to have more than one session at this library but they will soon become suspicious and kick me out so I must run. (You can only have one hour even though I'm the only person here except for the teenager who comes in to search Cougar sites).

More exciting library news coming your way soon. I will see if I can force them to order a poetry book or two, but I'm not going to hold my breath.





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