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A few people have commented intelligently and respectfully on the SubCity website, and I thank them for it (see yesterday's post). Others (from SubCity) have made further ridiculous and often offensive statements. I was considering writing a letter of complaint to the station, or commenting in their comments section, but I've decided I won't waste any more breath or time on this. Except to say I find it hilarious that the station bothers to do "reviews" at all (given their guidelines, their reviewers' lack of training or skill, and their whinging that they are volunteers); that it defends racism by saying the racist is just a student and that it's perfectly legitimate to complain if someone is speaking a funny language you don't understand; and that some guy thought he was insulting Zorras by saying that when he searched us online all he found was Spanish porn. That's kinda the point, genius...

Thanks for the entertainment.


NOTE from 9 Oct.: Subcity has removed many of the loaded comments now (without saying that they have been removed). Now they are speaking calmly, and pretending to have a professional opinion...

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