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Zorras received their first (mostly) bad review today. I'm a pansy but I actually like criticism -- it makes me work harder. In this case, however, the guy had nothing remotely intelligent to say, had no clue about the genre he was reviewing (or much else), and also made it painfully clear that he is both a racist and a misogynist. By the end I was quite relieved that he (mostly) hated us, what the hell would we do with a fan like that?

But seriously, why did the mysterious (and cowardly) "allyrege, subcity fresher" even get the job of reviewer at a supposedly forward-thinking radio station? Why did he fly immediately to a caricature of an overzealous feminist from my use of the word "ouch," a word that has nothing to do with gender? And his comments about Zorras "bad habit of slipping into some unknown language" are just plain offensive. Shame on SubCity Radio for publishing tripe like this. 

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