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Hi there,

So the rain has been the worst I've seen it since moving here two years ago, which has meant a lot of pain -- especially in my feet. I've been having a hard time walking, so the lovely Y bought me my first walking stick (thanks babe!).

Oh, what a fascinating wolrd we live in. I now get stared at A LOT, which is strange and annoying. But I also get treated super-nice, like bus drivers actually stop the bus for me, and cars wave me across the road, and bus drivers also wait until I sit down before roaring off from the curb. If only such courtesy was just naturally provided...

The cane itself is actually pretty sexy, though I'm not quite sure I've mastered my technique (or that sexy is a good thing to look for in a cane lol). My foot is hurting less, but now I'm developing some worse-than-usual hip pain. Argh. We shall see if the good overpowers the bad here... in the meantime, it's at least a great (if somewhat depressing) study of human beings...


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b said...
so sorry to hear of ur pain b :( i love you forever
July 26, 2009 09:51:45
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