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In other news, I am in love. With my TENS machine. It's a funny wee machine that looks like a walkman and has electrodes you stick to your (and your friends') body parts, and they give little jolts that produce endorphins and confuse your body out of pain. And you can wear it anywhere! Except in the shower. And leave it on as long as you want. No cure so far, but it's pretty darn swell... my deepest gratitude to the nurse who gave it to me.

In less happy news, it is the Year of Homecoming, which is the year when Scotland supposedly welcomes back all its people who've been spread across the globe. That's not the bad part. The bad part is that today, like many other days in the past two years, I was told to go back to my country. A woman almost ran me over with her car, and then of course was angry at *me* and then heard my accent and well... welcome home, Sandra, welcome home...

But I can't end on a note like that. So. I will say this instead -- thanks to The Street and Trendy Wendy for sponsoring our CD launch. The Street truly rocks. Go there.

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