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Pride Scotia, my first one. Hmmmm. Well, I'm glad it exists, and it's nice to be able to join the parade without having to make an official group and fill out a thousand forms.... But sheesh. What is it with Pride organisers and their wacked priorities? Last year Boris and the army led the parade in London, and this year here in Edinburgh the police were given the space of honour at the front. Well, we joined the 5 people at the butt-end of the parade with the lovely, handmade Bisexual Pride banner.


It rained. The parade was rerouted because of construction, so most of the march was in an unpopulated area. ("We're here, we're queer, and no one's gonna notice...") Also, most sadly, there was no music. No music at Pride. I heard later that some drummers failed to show up...


wizard pride

even dorothy looked a bit sad...

Despite all this we had a grand time. Edinburgh is small enough that you bump into every queer you know, which for the most part is swell. The Street was grand as usual, and Blue Moon, and we visited the lovely E and ended up at some crazy film festival party where we knew no one but our three friends. But at one point I bumped into my friend N, which was also swell. The first thing she said was, "How did you get in here?" which was hilarious because I *had* walked packed security without a ticket...


Later we really wanted to dance with our friend L, and unfortunately she was at GHQ. That place has always rubbed me the wrong way... perhaps the 7 pound cover charge, or the fact that they reportedly have a rule against working class people gaining entry, or the fact that hardly any gay people seem to go there. Ick. But we got in without paying, so I decided to give it a try. Only 3 minutes in, and some drunk assholes were pushing us around, and we received no support from the straight male bouncer. We left, and shall never return.

So ouch. The fibromyalgia is not my friend. Walking in a parade and dancing meant that I couldn't walk for two days. Not fun. In the end, though, I think it was worth it.


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Veka Lokavich said...
And the knuts of my like getting the messages late and missign all this fun!! and selling candles that didnt sell!!! Agh! I'm having 2nd thoughts on this non-alcoholic life... Me apetecia tanto una rubia con el culo frio!!! (AKA lager)!!! And I had to leave the street and get some refuge at home... Because I wanted a beer and a woman and some music!!! a parade without music? donde se ha visto? que desastre... Sorry for my delay catching up with all, I'm a slow kunt!! :p Hay parade in Praga? alli que tenemos que ir!!!!! muchos miles de besos!!!! Bex y Veka os echan de menos!!! muaks!!!
July 9, 2009 08:21:59
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