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02/04/2009 19:30

VoxBox at The Meadow Bar with Zorras
42-44 Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh,
Cost: £3 (2)

MIKE DILLON - Scottish Slam Champion 2009
ZORRAS - Poetry & Music with poet Sandra Alland & Y.Josephine
NANCY SOMERVILLE - Poet with new collection ’Waiting For Zebras’
ELIZA LANGLAND & COLIN DONATI Music and Poetry with special guests
VENUS CARMICHAEL (Kelly Brooks & Andrew Ferguson)

M/C Anita Govan & Kevin Cadwallender

In other news, here are some things that suck:

1. The London G20 coverage in British news... sounds like anti-communist propaganda from the United States (see: Red Scare, Cold War, etc.). Nonviolent protestors with "anti-capitalist literature" are being rounded up, and every television and newspaper is screaming about how the anarchists are coming to get you. One woman was advising people not to leave their homes, but if they had to, not to wear any corporate logos or they would be attacked. And of course the only protestors anyone could actually find were a few hippies having a tea party in the middle of the street (surrounded by a ridiculous number of cops). Can someone please take the time to look up anarchist in the dictionary? Please?

2. The amount of money (millions, millions!) spent on security for the G20. And the ridiculous number of police that will be patrolling peaceful protestors with tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray at the ready. This is the biggest operation of its kind in London, ever.

3. The G20.


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