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Well, Y and I had so much fun in London that we, ahem, forgot our suitcase... I know, it sounds really dodgy, but we're so used to travelling to gigs with just the instruments and megaphone that it completely slipped our minds. So if you are trying to call me, well, I also left my phone charger there. And if you notice my clothes look unusual, well, I left almost all my clothes there too.

Anyway, so Found In Translation was great...I think there were about 70 people packed into the Soho Theatre studio, pretty impressive for 3pm on a Monday! And we've already had a few calls for gigs, so yay for that. Saw some lovely old friends and made some new ones too, hurrah! Thanks to everyone for coming, and to Chroma and Oxford Playhouse for making it all happen.

zorras soho


amphibia soho


alan soho

Alan Smith

shaun soho

Shaun Levin

soho akkas

A play by Akkas Al-Ali

This Sunday at 7:30pm Zorras play Manifesto Politikal Kabaret at the Tron Theatre (63 Trongate) in Glasgow. £5/£3. Hope to see you there.

In other news, um, well, Channel 4 had a good documentary on Joe Strummer last night. Next week I promise to bring you some scintillating news about some fantastic zines and other indie stuff I am currently smitten with. And more pics.



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