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They say Scotland is rainy! I arrived last night after 11 hours of flying to a rainy rainy Toronto. And it rained all night and all morning.

In more exciting news, my new Wholphin: A DVD Magazine of Unseen Films  ( finally arrived! I only got a chance to watch a couple of films before jumping on the plane. But Please Vote For Me, directed by Weijun Chen, is brilliant and you must see it! It's a documentary about the first democratic election in a Chinese primary school, and is moving, hilarious and highly disturbing. Sortof like democracy in practice, as opposed to in theory... I also enjoyed New Boy, directed by Steph Green, about an African immigrant to Ireland. The kids in this short are fine actors, and it's a subtlely chilling piece about oppression and immigration.

Also just finished reading Unmarketable: Copyfighting, Mocketing and The Erosion of Integrity by Anne Elizabeth Moore. Thanks to my friend M for sending that one to Scotland. It's a great yet distressing account of how corporations such as Starbucks, Nike and Sony have been coopting the styles and practices of independent and street artists (e.g. Graffadi = graffiti created by indie artists to sell Sony Playstations). About how such corporations don't get jailtime or often even fines for graffiti or art interventions, like artists do. And about how some of us indie folk end up chasing the corporate carrot, either out of ignorance or desperation...  

To see indie culture alive and well, go to Canzine tomorrow at the Gladstone Hotel (Queen West just before Dufferin). 1-7pm, $5. I will have a table and be selling some books, also I'm screening my silly short film Slippery at 2pm. See you there!

xoox from Canadialand


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