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Wow. Saw this documentary on BBC where journalist Russell Sharp went undercover in training for the British infantry for 6 months. Wow. Creepy creepy stuff. He brought hidden cameras and filmed some very incriminating footage. If the army fighting illegal wars wasn't bad enough, here's some other tidbits to make you cringe:

-5 out of 8 corporals in two platoons were bullying and sometimes beating the shit out of recruits. One recruit was pushed to the ground with a loaded rifle.

-when asked why he had joined up, one recruit said, "To kill Pakis of course."

-during a simulation in bayonet training, one recruit yelled "Die Paki die!" as he was stabbing the dummy.

-a lot of recruits are only 17 years old, away from home for the first time.

Five training instructors have been suspended. Read about it here.




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