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Posted By Sandra Alland

Sunday 29 March, 8:30pm, The Street, 2 Picardy Place, corner of Broughton Street, Edinburgh
Cost: £5 suggested donation
(but we won't turn anyone away)
A new monthly queer night of music, poetry, film and dance. Featuring Zorras, Ania Urbanowska, Lily, Skye Skarlett and Raise Your Hem. Dancing and general debauchery after.

Don't forget to set your clocks forward an hour tonight!!


Posted By Sandra Alland

Hi folks,

Been really sick, but at least I've had time to read..

Nanotales by Ziv Navoth is a huge and engrossing collection of really really short stories. Navoth's talent with dialogue is superb, and many of the tales will stick with you.

Kleinzeit by Russell Hoban is a refreshingly odd novel that made me laugh my ass off while also making me contemplate my very existence... some surreal/existential fun for spring!


Posted By Sandra Alland

Tomorrow Zorras play the Aye Write! Festival in Glasgow, as part of the program Forest Stories. 9pm, Mitchell Library, £6/7. More info at

Also coming up this week, we're on the radio in Canadialand: Take Back Our Radio! International Women’s Day 5 hr. National Radio Broadcast Action, March 11th5 to 10 pm (Eastern) Listen Live! Zorras will be on Ventana del Barrio at 8:15pm (1:15am in Scotland) with magnificent host Susy Alvarez! Please support this show, as it is part of a campaign in support of taking back the airwaves at CKLN for the activist and indie communities.



Posted By Sandra Alland

Just a quick note to say the gang at Suck My Left One (on Glasgow's Subcity) rocks the universe! Zorras had a great time on the radio last night.. made me nostalgic for the days when CKLN in Toronto was still a community radio station... thanks to Kate and Liv for being so lovely, and also for giving me that Sister Spit cd! Listen to the show (which is called Lesborific, and I guess I don't entirely qualify for oops...) at

In other news, I'm on four different waiting lists for doctors, and will probably wait for at least three months to see one. But I had my first appointment yesterday (because that waiting list was started months ago)... it was physio and I was psyched. And guess what? The guy called in sick! And can't see me for a few more weeks... Yay, NHS. Sigh.


Posted By Sandra Alland

Hi folks,

I posted a new video of Zorras here. It's from our gig at Museum of London. The lighting was truly pants (Scottish for sucky), but the sound was pretty okay.

In other news, there's much a-happening in Edinburgh for International Women's Day this Sunday. One cool thing is Raise Your Hem playing at 6pm at The Pleasance Cabaret Bar. Cost: £6/4. It's a fundraiser for "Gude Cause" campaign; combining remembrance and activism for women’s rights over the past 100 years. For more info call 229 0993 or email

Another cool thing is "From Margaret to Mary," a herstory tour of the Royal Mile, free at 1:30pm on Sunday. Meet outside the Camera Osbcura.

Also, I recently read Ann Patchett's Truth and Beauty: A Friendship (thanks to C for that). It's a beautiful and sad account of Patchett's friendship with fellow writer Lucy Grealy (who died a few years ago from an overdose after many years of struggling with chronic pain). I'm not usually that into biography, but it's a tremendous book, especially refreshing because it places such importance on friendship. Truly, where would any of us be without our family of friends?

Then I fell upon a copy of Patchett's Bel Canto, which I'm currently enjoying. Not sure I completely dig her, but I really love her style, characters, and sense of humour. I'm halfway through, though, and the book has yet to move me in any big way. We shall see...

In still other news, I have yet to tell you my latest NHS horrors. Too depressing. Almost as depressing as my employment horrors. Which I also won't bother with right now. But more deets soon, if I can pay my rent long enough to keep posting here...





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