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The most recent exhibits as part of Sh[OUT] at Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art are full of intriguing and powerful stuff. Please check them out!

There's Made In God's Image (Anthony Schrag & David Malone, in collaboration with Metropolitan Community Church, Quest, Al Jannah and individuals from a range of faiths). These works explore faith and LGBTI issues. The photos that most interested me were by the Muslim participant (names are missing from the website, in some cases purposefully I think...), I liked that he not only explored issues that pained him but also had some fun. I was also drawn into the Bible-eating and participatory Bible-rewriting project by a young Christian woman. Overall I would have liked to see more of a focus on the quality of photographs in the show, but I also understand that the content was the more important issue here...

And then there's Rendering Gender (David Sherry, in collaboration with Transgender Alliance's Transforming Arts). Here's the link to some images from Rendering Gender, although it attributes the artworks to David Sherry, when they are in fact from a variety of people... I liked almost everything in this exhibition... but the work that affected me the most was by Kristi Taylor, who contributed stunning and often hilarious drawings, as well as a sculpture and video, about her experience as a trans woman. Taylor is definitely someone to watch. Her work truly made my day.

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