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Here is our new After Going Out: Oil Spill Remix video.

And on Tuesday we play Bar Wotever at Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London at 8pm, it's free. See you there! xo

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Wherein I babble without notes but tell you about a few things.. including Diane Arbus at Edinburgh's Dean Gallery, ending soon! And Zorras in London and the Pride version of Cachin Cachan Cachunga! Sometimes you can "click to play", sometimes you have to click on "download this"... many thanks to the beautiful C for hooking me up.

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Thanks to the lovely man on the bench, the even lovelier man with the cape, the stupidity of those who wish to hurt those I love, and the sweetest friends a person could have. Thanks also to A in London, who is always there. Sometimes there is strange justice, sometimes you survive something you think will destroy you, and sometimes gifts arrive from unexpected places.

I know this all sounds obtuse, dear reader, but in some of our lives there are things you can't say for legal reasons. The main lesson of 2008 and 2009? Poetry and metaphor have more uses than I imagined... So beware, forces of evil, because books are coming and you shall pay dearly, if only in your hearts.

In other news, Zorras brought the house down at GFest, a lovely queer festival in London. The Cochrane Theatre was a fantastic venue... it was especially fab to see Ariadna Battich's beautiful videos on the big big screen.

In still other news,my first major art show, b)other, opens this Wednesday (to the public on Thursday) at Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art. For info on b)other and the collective I've been collaborating with, read a wee article in The Skinny.

And then I must sleep until January, forgive me if I'm not often here. Sadly the end of this chapter has not yet arrived, we've just been given a moment's pause to clean our glasses... xox

Posted By Sandra Alland

Zorras had a fantastic show at Bar Wotever in London! Thanks to Ingo, to the ever-lovely A for putting us up, and to all those lovely strangers who bought our CDs!

This Saturday at 8pm, we play Ladyfest at The Bowery. It's listed under Ladyfest's Big Gig.

In other news, my short film, Slippery, will be screened at London's GayWise Festival on 14 November. And Zorras play the same festival 21 November! Info here.





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