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"Same disaster, different day," said my father on the phone on Sunday. Indeed, that has been the description of much of my two years here... and only a Glaswegian has the particular talent to sum things up so perfectly.

But once in a while there are those little miracles, those lovely moments of joy that make life gentler. Four months ago I couldn't stop myself from buying Diana Ross and the Supremes on vinyl in a charity shop. I had no record player and no money to get one. So I just stared at the lovely cover.

Then two months ago I was telling my friends M & R how much I wanted a record player. Miraculously, we went outside and found a record player in the garbage right outside where we'd been. I had no idea if it worked, and I had no speakers, but I took her home (eventually, after she sat at various people's flats), and the lovely creature's been gathering dust ever since.

Then, last night, yet another friend moved back to Spain, and gave Y & me a bunch of things, including what looked like typical wee computer speakers. Turns out they are not for a computer, though....

Crackle. Crackle. Crackle. Baby love. My baby love.

I feel like a sentimental old fool, but there's nothing like vinyl. Nothing. I haven't felt so good in years. Weird but true. Music is very important to me, and though computers are fab, they lack something tactile, something that feels human -- or at least warm and full of flaws.

Thanks M, R & Y, for sharing your good luck (along with your bad, Y, haha).

In other news, Zorras open this Thursday for a Brooklyn band called The Debutante Hour, at The Bowery in Roxy Art House, 2 Roxburgh Place, 8pm, £5.






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