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Come check out the first installment of this new monthly queer night of music, poetry, film, fashion and dance. This Sunday 22 Feb. at 8:30pm. Featuring Zorras, Ania Urbanowska, Skye 'Skyetshooki' Scarlett and Lily & Martin. Dancing and general debauchery after. At The Street, 2 Picardy Place (corner of Broughton Street), Edinburgh. Suggested donation £5/£4 (but we won't turn anyone away).

In other news, there is a weird little review of Blissful Times in The Danforth Review.I really dig that my book is called "The Groundhog Day of poetry volumes." I love that film! Although the review isn't very indepth, I thought this was a cool observation, and it made me realize just how obsessed I am with the concept of failure and trying things over, dear me. I once accidentally wrote a play that was a bit like Groundhog Day, or The Sure Thing, called Seeing Each Other. It was a blind date that kept getting rewound and started anew. Hmmm...





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