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Ah, Edinburgh. City where I have now been egged twice by homophobic idiots. I don't really know what more to add to that. Eggs hurt quite a freakin lot, bruise skin even more, and ruin clothes. Yay, eggs. Yay, cowards. Yay, Scotland.

In other depressing news, that Patti Smith documentary kinda reeks. I love Patti Smith. I don't love watching her eat a hot dog on Coney Island for ten minutes. I don't know... I watch a documentary about a rock star poet, and I guess I kinda want to see... rock n' roll and poetry? Not hot dogs. Not her annoying 14 year-old son. Not endless shots of her apartment. Etc. Snore. And it must've been quite hard to make Patti Smith boring. I guess they deserve kudos for that at least...



Posted By Sandra Alland

Wow. Saw this documentary on BBC where journalist Russell Sharp went undercover in training for the British infantry for 6 months. Wow. Creepy creepy stuff. He brought hidden cameras and filmed some very incriminating footage. If the army fighting illegal wars wasn't bad enough, here's some other tidbits to make you cringe:

-5 out of 8 corporals in two platoons were bullying and sometimes beating the shit out of recruits. One recruit was pushed to the ground with a loaded rifle.

-when asked why he had joined up, one recruit said, "To kill Pakis of course."

-during a simulation in bayonet training, one recruit yelled "Die Paki die!" as he was stabbing the dummy.

-a lot of recruits are only 17 years old, away from home for the first time.

Five training instructors have been suspended. Read about it here.







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