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So I taught myself how to use a mixer and AcidPro, and Minor Assault Records is now in full operation. (Please donate your empty egg cartons, and any excess cash, to the Zeg Cartón Studio.) Zorras’ first recording in the new digs is now on Myspace, and it’s called Nest. Guitar, percussion and vocals by Y. Josephine. Poem by me. Recording and mixing also by me. Hilarious but true, and it’s only a wee bit rough. Please listen!

In other news, there is a great new queer salsa night Sundays at The Street. Lessons £5 at 7:30pm. Free dancing after 9pm.

Today I am off to see the Tracey Emin retrospective. I may or may not report in before I run off to Canada… but of course it was freaking fantastic.






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