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Zorras play The Arches in Glasgow tomorrow, as part of Scratch. Come check it out! 7:30pm, only 2 quid!

In other news, it was grand to see that Stills Gallery decided to present the work that GoMA was too wimpy to present a year and a half ago. So far the world has not fallen apart from the shock, and also many people have been able to see Dani Marti's important and engaging films about HIV-positive gay men in Scotland.

In still other news, the library took my complaint about the transphobic librarians seriously, which was quite surprising and refreshing. They even *phoned* me. So that was a nice little moment, which was quickly erased the next day when yet another drunk asshole verbally assaulted Zorras, and was about to attack us, but then suddently revealed that he had "realised we weren't men" and left us alone with a "fuckin lesbos". Apparently we have him to thank for our existence because he was "in Afghanistan". Yeah. Some days I'm not sure why I leave the flat...

Shouldn't leave things on such a blech note.... so I'll tell you that Neu! Reekie!, a new night of poetry, film and music at Scottish Books Trust, was just grand. Zorras had a blast, and congratulate Michael Pederson and Kevin Williamson on bringing together such a strangely sublime combo of work. There was a smorgasbord of fascinating international and local films; we especially enjoyed those of Sacha Kahir.

Okay, play safe kids. It's a messy world out there.



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Tomorrow Zorras play the Aye Write! Festival in Glasgow, as part of the program Forest Stories. 9pm, Mitchell Library, £6/7. More info at

Also coming up this week, we're on the radio in Canadialand: Take Back Our Radio! International Women’s Day 5 hr. National Radio Broadcast Action, March 11th5 to 10 pm (Eastern) Listen Live! Zorras will be on Ventana del Barrio at 8:15pm (1:15am in Scotland) with magnificent host Susy Alvarez! Please support this show, as it is part of a campaign in support of taking back the airwaves at CKLN for the activist and indie communities.



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Just a quick note to say the gang at Suck My Left One (on Glasgow's Subcity) rocks the universe! Zorras had a great time on the radio last night.. made me nostalgic for the days when CKLN in Toronto was still a community radio station... thanks to Kate and Liv for being so lovely, and also for giving me that Sister Spit cd! Listen to the show (which is called Lesborific, and I guess I don't entirely qualify for oops...) at

In other news, I'm on four different waiting lists for doctors, and will probably wait for at least three months to see one. But I had my first appointment yesterday (because that waiting list was started months ago)... it was physio and I was psyched. And guess what? The guy called in sick! And can't see me for a few more weeks... Yay, NHS. Sigh.


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Pockets is a crackin local musician... Y and I bumped into him on the last train from Glasgow... where he and his KazooKeylele had made some new friends...

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What a great thing Tam Dean Burn has going on in Glasgow, with Malcolm the fantastic sound guy, and Sonic Sinema who screen awesome visuals throughout the night. Check out Manifesto Politikal Kabaret at the Tron Theatre if you get a chance. Really dug Sparrahawk and Glasgow Glam Bangers. I also loved the photocollage piece The Thin Green Line Or: How I Tried to Stop Worrying and Love Neoliberalism. Thanks to the Glasgow contingent for coming out, especially my fam who made the journey from Drumchapel. 


In other news, here are some things I've been reading and digging:

1. Lock Up Your Daughters: This is Glasgow's fantastic queer zine. The latest issue has loads of great interviews and reviews.

2. A lovely German I met sent me a copy of Die Krone & Ich: Drag King-Magazin. It's mostly in German, but there was a wonderful interview in English with Susan Stryker, where she compared transsexual identity to immigrant identity.

3. A sweetie from Ottawa named Sean Zio has published a lovely chapbook of his young adult story, Skin Ego, about a teenager and his struggles with "seen and felt identity."

4. In Toronto, John Barlow gave me a gorgeous chapbook that Rose DeShaw produced... it's poems made out of Barlow's emails. There's some hilarious and smart stuff. Here's a choice tidbit from "Poetry's Reputation":

Fear not for poetry's reputation.
Poetry's reputation is terrible.
We really can't trouble at this point.
Poetry's been more effectively
than communism or the
universality of unions.

5. Did I say yet that ryli skelton launched a new poetry chapbook in Toronto? It's called The Cusp of Chaos, and you can get it at This Ain't the Rosedale Library in Toronto or Word Power Books in Edinburgh. Skelton is one of my favourite writers and people, please check him out.

And speaking of skelton, the next post will feature pics and more from his great night in Toronto, The Secret Ingredient, as well as youtube footage of the fantastic Pockets, who we bumped into on the always entertaining last train from Glasgow...






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